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Car / Bike Mounts

To use the phone while driving you to need the Car Mount Phone Holder. iBra brings to you different ranges and varieties of phone holders for a car that fits almost all the standard size handset even the tablets. You don’t need any other tool to attach the holder with your windscreen or backseat. Our mobile phone holder for car are easy to use and can rotate in a trouble-free way to cover your views. You can adjust your phone at your eye level for a better view. It will keep the Smartphone secure irrespective of the bouncing of the car. All the Car mount Phone Holders of iBra can bear up to 3 kg. The shock resistance capability will help you to have steady access to the mobile’s screen while driving the car.
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Buy Car Mount Phone Holder

We just can’t think of our life without our smartphones. While driving on your car, most of the time we take the help of the GPS to reach a new destination. Apart from that, you can have to use the phone for different purposes like receiving an emergency call. That’s why; the car mount phone holder is one of the essential accessories that you must have in your vehicle. Whether you are planning a long drive or you need to be connected all through, you need the phone holder that will show you the screen while you can concentrate on driving. You can securely use your phone for navigation and hands-free call. As the holder securely attaches the device, it prevents sliding and falling in the car.  

There are Different Types of Car Mount Phone Holders available:

  • Adhesive: The sticky surface secures the holder to the car.
  • Windshield: This is the most standard and popular holder as you can access the phone quickly.
  • Air Vent: You can use the magnetic mounts that connect the phone from the back.
  • Head Rest: This is for the back seat passengers who can surf the mobile hanging from the headset.

How To Shop For Car Mount Phone Holder:

To Select the Right Phone Holder, you Need to Take Care of the Following Aspects.

  • Car’s Interior: While selecting the phone holder, you need to take care of the interior of the car as well. If you have a steep windshield then you cannot mount the windshield phone holder.
  • Flexibility: The main feature of the holder that every driver needs to check is the flexibility so that you can rotate and adjust it on your eye level.
  • Grip: The holder must have a good grip over your phone to protect it from falling and scratches.
  • Warranty: You should not ignore the warranty of the product and invest in the holder that has extended assurance from the manufacturer.