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BLACK Range Cables

Have you recently bought the hi-tech 4K HD TV for your home? Then you must know that your work is not completed yet. To support the high definition picture and audio quality, you need the latest and the best HDMI Cable. If you are looking for one, then you have come to the right place. IbraOnline has the latest Black Range HDMI Cables that are compatible with all the new age HDMI devices. These affordable cables will not burn a hole in your pocket but provide superior and durable service for the long run.
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Buy Black Range HDMI Cables

The modern-day entertainment unit is a quite complicated thing. It consists of high-end television with gadgets like DVD player, Blu-Ray, Dolby sound system, and even a gaming console. Unless you are using the compatible HDMI cable, your experience will be ruin. When you have the best entertainment unit, then you should not compromise with the cable. The Black Range HDMI Cables will be an ideal partner so that you can enjoy the best quality audio and video at home.

This classic looking cable is available in 1 meter, 3 meters and 8 meters of length to cover all the requirements. This high-speed cable of the gold range ensures a super high-quality picture. It supports 3D technology as well along with Audio Return Channel.

The Black Range HDMI Cables is HDMI 2.0 compliant that includes [email protected], HDR10, 10 Bit color, and full 4:4:4 chroma. The audio channels like DTS-HD Master Audio, HD Dolby 7.1 are supported by 24K Gold Plated cable with oxygen-free copper conductor. This cable is best suited for the television with 1000Hz rates or more than that to transmit digital audio and video in high quality.

What are the Black Range HDMI Cables?

The Black Range HDMI Cables are one of the best products of IbraOnline that transmits super quality video in full HD resolution of 4096 X 2160 @60Hz. The cable is made with high-quality material to establish the best connection between the HDMI gadgets. It supports the full HDMI 2.0 specification. It can transmit up to 32 audio channels.

What are the communication channels of Black Range HDMI Cables?

The Black Range HDMI Cables are compatible with all the devices with HDMI 2.0 ports. It is also backward compatible for which it also supports earlier HDMI versions as well.

The compatible devices are:

  • HD TV
  • 3D TV
  • Blu-Ray
  • Virgin Media
  • Sky TV
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Sky TV
  • Projector
  • Any HDMI enabled devices