15 Mistakes to Avoid while Installing Network Cables

Shifting is always a major task, whether it is professional or personal. While you are moving your office space or home physically from one place to another there are so many things that you need to take care of. Among all, installing the network cable is one of the most important yet complicated things as well, especially for the professional field. You cannot imagine a modern office with full functionality without the support of the internet. And to get an uninterrupted internet connection you need to install the network cable in the best possible way.

The business of all sizes needs constant support of a fast, trouble-free, and efficient network to upload and download heavy files. In case, you don’t give the required attention to this problem; your business may face added expenditure, maintenance hassles, and troubling network performance.

There is a proverb called learning from mistakes. So, here is your chance to set up an error-free and efficient network by learning from the mistakes people usually do while setting up their network cable.

Things you should keep in mind before the installation of network cable

For a layman, installing the network cable can be a difficult task. When the person does not have proper knowledge, it is obvious that he must overlook some important aspects and end up setting a faulty network. So, before starting the work, you must be aware of all the technical aspects along with the common mistakes.   

10M CAT8 Ethernet Gigabit Lan network cable (RJ45) SSTP 40Gbps 2000Mhz - FLAT White- IBRA

Here are the common yet hazardous mistakes that you need to avoid and some practical advice that are actually helpful for this course.   

Mistake 1. Overlook improper cable management:

Cable management is an important aspect of networking. It helps to sort and manage the cables for future use as well. You can easily manage the cables without any hassle quickly whenever you need them. Many people avoid this stage as they think it an added expenditure. However, it is actually a mistake and for it, they may pay a bigger amount later.

Mistake 2. Focus on Immediate Need:

Everyone can understand how eagerly you want to set up your office without any delay. However, this rush can lead to a huge mistake if you settle for the immediate need of the business for Ethernet networking. You may have overlooked the potential growth of your business and for which you may need some expansion. While planning the installation of the network cable, you must consider the future plan of the company for at least the coming five years. As 1Gbps has become more common, do you really settle for 100 Mbps for now? If you have to reinstall the cable within a few years, you need to spend on the material as well as the labor cost. So, while planning, take your future prospects into account so that you don’t need to upgrade the network system.

Mistake 3. Compromise with the quality:

You have to remember that the internet network is not temporary but a permanent system that will support your business in every possible aspect. However, many people forget the basic truth and settle for low-quality materials like Ethernet Cables. As a result, many of them face problems of short-circuit in their network cables. So, it is advisable to have high quality and stronger network cables. When you have stronger and better quality wires, they are resistant to overbearing which is a common problem related to wear and tear of the cable. It does not mean that you need to invest in the highest quality cable but you can make a smart decision by selecting affordable yet quality cable within your budget that ensures a robust and safe connection.

Mistake 4. Compromise with the version:

The technology industry shifts its dimension quite quickly and up-gradation is a very common phenomenon in every aspect. While installing the cable, many people don’t prefer the latest version and use the older version of the cable. Eventually, it results in outdated networking with poor speed and interruptions. So, it is very important to select the latest version of the cables to make the network future-proof.

Mistake 5. Separate Cable For Voice and Data:

If you ask any professional who deals with network cable; he must say that this is the most common mistake people do while networking till today. Earlier, when twisted cable was an expensive option for networking, people use two separate cables for voice and data. However, with time, modern-day networking cables are not that much expensive. On the other hand, the modern phone system needs data-level cabling that does not support the separate path for voice and data. So, if you are thinking of the future, you must avoid the mistake of installing two separate cables for voice and data.

Mistake 6. Not Following Right Method of Installing:

Every cable has some set of guidelines for twisting and setting down the coat. However, in the rush, many people abandon the basic rules and overlook the secured way of cable installation. Among all, neglecting secure links is one of the most common mistakes. If you have extensive links then it will lead to slower plans. For that reason, it is very important to follow the right guideline for link packaging and fastening. If you place the PVC covered links on the rooftop or backspace of the building, then it may be fatal in a fire mishap or any other crisis.

Mistake 7. Don’t keep space to remove cables:

There is nothing permanent in the IT industry and everything around it is evolving so fast that you may need to change the hardware in the coming days. During the time to change the hardware, you may need to replace the cables. If you don’t leave any place to change the cable, then you have to leave it there and that can be hazardous in the future. So, while installing the cables, make sure that there must be little space to remove them when required.

Mistake 8. Installing near noisy devices:

Many people ignore the fact that loud and heavy noises can influence the mechanism of the data cable network. Many factors like noisy motors or bright fluorescent lights and a few other devices can interrupt the data transmission as they create electromagnetic waves. It can also hamper the overall mechanisms of the cable. Moreover, it is very important to keep the cables cool to prevent problems of power ripples. Always install the data cable as far from the power cable in order to avoid noise spike.

Mistake 9. Installing data cable parallel to electric cable:

As we have discussed that the electromagnetic field can disrupt the connection. At times, you may lose connections or cause too slow transmission through the wires. So, while planning the cable path, make sure you are not placing it parallel to the power cable.

Mistake 10. Fail to keep the cable cool and dry:

The quality of the cable can be hampered by heat and moisture. The internal sections of the Ethernet cables are made of copper and the data transmission ability of the metal is affected hugely. The network cabling standard comes up with some guidelines of the methods to keep the cables cool and dry otherwise it may cause problems and disrupt the operation and safety as well. Along with that, you must think of the cooling and humidity control aspect in the planning stage before starting the installation.

Mistake 12. Ignore the limitation of distance:

Many people overlook to check the distance that the cable needs to cover for the installation process. Every cable has its own respective distance limitation that can create disturbance in the whole process. So before you start installing, you need to check the distance parameters of the network cable for better performance.

Mistake 13. Cut the cable without measurement:

In a proper networking system, no cable is stretched too much to reach the destination or have enough loose length dangling here and there. To avoid this, you have to take a measurement of the required length and cut the cable only a few inches more than that. Remember, not to cut them too long or too short. In case, you have a much longer cable than the required length, then you may face slower and disturbance.   

Mistake 14. Skip the testing of the cable:

Do you put all the efforts into the installation and end up in faulty networking? Nobody wants to complete a mammoth task that will not produce any result. The testing part of the installation process should be on your list of priorities. Use the proper tools to test the infrastructure and other components as well. You have to make sure that the cable must support the required transmission speed for error-free functionality. During rush hour; it may sound like a time-consuming task when you are paying hefty labor cost for the installation. However, it will be a better option to pay them more later to fix any faulty connection. 

Mistake 15. Bottleneck connection:

To avoid the extra cost of the cable, you may think to run network cables through multiple or mini switches. As a result, the data will bottleneck and lower the speed of the network. In reality, the cables are quite affordable now. So, it will be better to use extra cable unless the reason is compelling enough.

So, there are so many mistakes people often do in the cable networking process but thankfully you are now aware of them from this blog. Finally, it is genuine advice to take the help of the professionals who are experienced about the know-how of networking process and ensure you are fast and smooth running connection that will surely support the growth of your business