How To Select Best HDMI Cables For Gaming

Only a true gamer knows the importance of a high-quality cable and how it can affect the gaming experience and performance. They must be so much well aware of all the factors that are responsible to uplift the show to the next level. However, the choice of HDMI cable for gaming takes an important part here.

The importance of the cable has increased since the introduction of High Definition Media Interference or HDMI cable. The digital data transmission scenario has taken a huge leap and produced exceptional quality and speed. The quality of the data is not only supreme but also the high-speed bandwidth transmission is another added benefit of this cable.

However, there are many misconceptions regarding the HDMI cable. Many people think that the most expensive cable the best option for their gaming console which is completely wrong. Never purchase any cable out of hype as you may invest in the wrong choice.

There are some important guidelines that one should keep in mind while hunting down the best HDMI cable for their gaming console. From bandwidth to rating; there are so many things that you need to check.

So, here we are presenting the ultimate guide that will help you to make the right purchase decision for HDMI cable.

Things You Must Consider While Selecting The HDMI Cable For Gaming:

The HDMI cable is used for transmitting high bandwidth data through a single cable. Both the audio and video data sourced from an HDMI compatible device (like PS4) are delivered to a TV or monitor through the HDMI port. As you have to use only one cable for both the audio and video data; the setup is pretty easy. Moreover, you can enjoy your gaming on a larger screen and with a better resolution.

Here are the factors that you keep in mind before buying HDMI Cable for gaming.


The ardent gamers know the importance of speed of data transmission in gaming. For them, it is the most important factor that they consider to select the HDMI cable. The speed of the HDMI cable is measured in Gigabits per second (or Gbps). Whatever gadget you have, the speed of the HDMI cable must be enough fast to match the speed of the hardware.

Since its inception; there are so many versions that come up that you will find a good number of options in the market. To remove the complications, there are four categories of the cable according to the depending on their bandwidth.

  1. Standard HDMI: The standard HDMI comes with a speed of 4.95 Gbps. It can support HD videos of 720p and 1080i resolutions. This is one of the earliest models of the HDMI cable that does not support 4K video as it has only 4.95 Gbps bandwidth. In case you don’t have a 4K display or don’t have any plan to upgrade in near future, then it is an affordable option for you. Otherwise, it is advisable to move from it and settle for some higher speed option instead.

  2. High-Speed HDMI: The High-Speed HDMI cable supports the bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. It is compatible to deliver 4K at 30fps. Moreover, it can deliver 3D video, HD resolutions, and deep color. For a standard quality gaming console, you can use the high-speed HDMI cable. Though it can support static High Dynamic Range for example HDR10; it is not able to support Dolby Vision’s Dynamic HDR. For that reason, if you are looking for a dynamic HDR in 4K at 30fps or more than that, then you must look for the advanced HDMI cable.

  3. Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable: This premium high-speed HDMI cable comes with 18 Gbps bandwidth. It is compatible with 4K video resolutions at 60 fps. Interestingly, it can also support 8K video resolutions with limited frame rates and features. It can also handle High Dynamic Range like Dolby’s Vision Dynamic HDR and HDR10+. If you have a high-end gaming console like PS4/Xbox or PC setup; selecting the premium high-speed HDMI cable is a good option.

  4. Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable: The Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable is considered as the top-of-the-category for its capability of 48 Gbps bandwidth. Moreover, this cable is backwards compatible and can be used in the existing HDMI devices. It can handle an exceptional resolution of 8K at 60fps and 4K at 120fps. Another exceptional benefit to prevent the interferences from all the nearby wireless devices. All the advanced features of HDMI 2.1 are supported by this cable like eARC, 8K video, and variable refresh rate technologies. This is the most preferred cable for the next-gen gaming console and 4K/6K/8K gaming programs on PC along with future-proof specifications. 

If you have already bought or are planning to buy a high-end gaming computer or next-gen gaming consoles, then it is recommended to go with this Ultra High-Speed HDMI cable. 

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While selecting the best cable for your gaming console the distance between the device and the TV screen holds some important points. When the data has to travel for a longer distance, the quality of the signal is reduced. Due to signal interference, gamers often experience screen blackouts and frame drops. 

      1. When the distance between the gaming console and TV screen is within 15 feet or 4.5 meters, then the regular or passive HDMI cable is a good option. For short distances like this, you don’t need to worry about signal degradation. 
      2. When the distance between the gaming console and TV screen is more than 25 feet or 7.6 meters, then you must select Active HDMI cable. The reason is that all the cables come up with small chips works on the power of the connected device to boost the signal for a longer distance. You should know that the Active HDMI cables are directional and each head is marked to notify which end is for the sender and which one is for the receiver. If you reverse install it then it will not work. 

Installation Type:

While selecting the cable, you have to consider your planning for the installation. For example, in case you need the cable for home or commercial installation and want to run it through the wall or ceiling, then you must check the manufacturer’s literature to know whether these are certified for this type of use. You have to select a cable with CL2 and CL3 rating and also ensure the building code before installing the cables. However, you must know that it is actually quite difficult to repair an in-wall HDMI cable. To avoid this, you can also use an HDMI extender system along with Cat5 or Cat6 cables that are capable to send signals for longer distances. In case of any damage, these are an easier option for repair.

Protection of Cable:

To make the cable durable, it is advisable to use good shielding. However, the extra layers of protection will make it thicker and less prone to bend many times. For that reason, while selecting the HDMI cable for your gaming console, you must remember that it must come with an extra layer of protection yet flexible enough for bending.

In a nutshell, we can say that always buy the certified and good quality HDMI cable for your gaming console. Make sure the cable can handle high bandwidth, higher refresh rate, and high voltage.