How to Choose the Right TV Wall Mount Bracket

Technology has revolutionized the concept of television for everyone. The big bulky sets that were quite common even before 15 years now have become obsolete completely from the market. Now the sleek and smart TV with a bigger screen and better picture quality doesn’t need the huge and space-consuming stand as well. You can save lots of space by mounting them on the wall and make the drawing-room fancier and tidier.

So, if you have already purchased or are planning to purchase the latest television; then selecting the brand and model is not the only decision you have to make. There is another important choice you have to make and that is the wall mount bracket which will secure your TV and enhance your viewing experience to the next level.

Though there is a proverb that says ‘what goes up must come down’; the bracket must defy it. It should be so tough and reliable that it only keeps the TV up and doesn’t come down unless you want.

It is quite tricky actually to determine the right size of the TV bracket depending on the model of the TV. Many people who don’t give any attention while selecting the TV mount, repent later after damaging the gadget.

So, don’t rush to any decision and consider the following tips that will help you to select the right TV wall mount that will save the space of your room and ensure safety to your equipment as well.

However, before that, you must know how many types of TV brackets are available in the market and what are the pros and cons so that you can make the best decision according to your need.

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Different Types of TV Mounts:

There are so many different types of TV mounts for the wall that will suit the requirement of various users. So, check out the following list here to know about all the different varieties and aim for the most suitable one for your home.

Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket:

As per the name perceive, this type of bracket fix the TV in a secure position. Among all the brackets available in the market, it is the most popular and space-saving as well. The best thing about this fixed TV wall mount bracket is that you can fix the TV closest to the wall without disturbing the properly managed cables.

Tilting TV Wall Brackets:

If the TV is in a higher position like in restaurants or railway station, then you need the tilting TV wall bracket. You can have a better view while sitting on the sofa while watching a TV mounted in a higher position. There are many older models of the LCD and plasma screens that may appear dark unless you watch them straight.

For those models, the tilting bracket will surely uplift the viewing experience. Though the modern models of the backlit LED and OLED screens don’t have the problem, this is still useful in some cases. If you want to place your TV in a higher position like in the bedroom where you want to enjoy the show while lying on the bed; this bracket is the best choice for you.

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Full Motion Wall Bracket:

To give your TV the highest range of flexibility, the full motion wall bracket is your perfect choice. You can watch the TV from multiple locations in the room without much hassle. For example; if you want to watch the TV from your kitchen in the morning and evening you want to see it from the lounge area of the same room; then you must want the flexibility without physically move the TV again and again. So, you can have the facility with the full motion wall bracket that allows the screen to change the position according to the viewers. It also comes with a tilting facility as well. 

If you want to buy the full motion wall bracket, then you should not settle for any cheap brand. If the bracket is not of good quality, then it will be a real struggle to swing the TV freely. Moreover, if you want to pull out or fully extend the bracket, it may tip down to one side and will look weird as the TV has no levelling system. 

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Ceiling TV Mount Bracket:

As per the name perceived the ceiling TV mount is attached to the ceiling with a cylinder type attachment that you need to fix to the back of the TV. It is a great option for a limited space or there is not much space on the wall to fix it. Though a few types of ceiling mount bracket are fixed, many high-quality products allow it to move it 360-degree angles.

However, while fixing this bracket, always keep plywood between the joints to provide a strong fixing base. Another important point is that you must arrange and manage the cables in a proper way otherwise it will dangle from the wall.


IBRA Ultra Slim Tilt Swivel TV Wall Bracket Mount Full Motion for 23-55 Inch OLED QLED LED LCD Plasma & Curved Screens

Ultimate Guide That You Must Check Before Buying The TV Wall Mount Bracket

As you have already know how many types of wall TV mount available in the market; there are certainly other factors as well that you must know. Before buying your own TV bracket to mount the TV, check out the factors so that you will have the best buy.

1. Weight Limit:

The first and most important thing you need to check whether the bracket is capable enough to support the weight of the TV or not. Nobody wants their TV to fall down from the bracket. In case, the weight of the TV exceeds the maximum capability of the bracket, it will certainly fail to hold it. Especially when you are using a full-motion TV bracket, then you must not compromise with the weight factor. Moreover, it will be a strenuous job as well to pull and fix the TV frequently.

2. Size of the TV:

Another important factor is the size of the TV. If you are not sure about the size of the gadget, then simply measure corner to corner of the screen and you will get the size. In case, the TV has a wide frame then, it will be the extra allowance. Moreover, many TVs have added a speaker with the screen. In case the screen is too big, then it will be a struggle for anyone to reach behind the TV or in the bracket when it is on the wall. To avoid any such circumstances, you need to select the bracket that is custom-made for a bigger screen.

3. Distance between the holes:

Every television comes with the fixing holes for the bracket. It may change depending on the model and size. It is perhaps the most important feature as in case the fixing holes are not up to the required distance, there will be no use of the bracket. Thankfully, most of the television sets and brackets come with standard spacing as per the VESA TV patterns. You can check the information related to the mounting spacing position in the literature of the manufacturer and select the bracket accordingly.

4. Specification of the TV:

Every television model has some unique specifications. The wall mount must match those requirements to secure it safely. Any high-quality TV mount is designed for certain features like weight, size, and style. Check all the specifications of the TV mentioned by the manufacturer closely and then only buy the best suitable model of TV bracket for it.

5. Check the weight:

You have to keep in mind that the weight of the TV is not the mentioned screen size. You have to check the manufacturers literature or website about the weight of the product for which the bracket is suited for.  

6. Decide the type:

Do you want to have the TV fix on the wall or swivel it as per the viewers’ position? You have to analyze your future plan of room expansions as well. If you have a large room with different corners like an open kitchen, lounge, or dining area and you want to cover every corner from one TV, then swivel is a good option.   

7. Consider the Mount Type:

There are a few types of TV mounts that hold the gadget like a photo frame on the wall. Another type of brackets with an arm hold the TV set a few inches from the wall surface. If you want to check or change the connection frequently, then the arm option is a good choice for you.

8. Check the price:

If you think that the cheap TV wall mount can do the job, then you are completely wrong. Do you really want to take the chance and put your expensive TV at stake? Never compromise with the quality of the TV brackets. However, it is also not advisable to settle for any overprice item as well.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to select the best TV wall mount for your television. If you have any questions regarding this, then leave it in the comment section and we will try to help you with the best intention.