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Monthly Archives: February 2021

  1. 15 Mistakes to Avoid while Installing Network Cables

    15 Mistakes to Avoid while Installing Network Cables

    Installing a network cable can be a difficult task. When the person does not have proper knowledge, it is obvious that he must overlook some important aspects and end up setting a faulty network. So, before starting the work, you must be aware of all the technical aspects along with the common mistakes.  Here are the common yet hazardous mistakes that you need to avoid and some practical advice that are actually helpful for this course. 
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  2. Check Out The Differences Between Coaxial and Optical Cable

    Check Out The Differences Between Coaxial and Optical Cable

    With time, technology has transformed the data transmission process completely. From the computer to the television along with many other electronic devices pass on data to another device through the transmission media in the form of signals. Fundamentally, there are two types of transmission media; that is guided and unguided.

    The unguided media is the wireless form of communication where the electromagnetic waves transmit through the air which acts as the medium. It does not need a physical conductor. Another form is the guided media where the signals are transmitted through wires or cables. There are three types of guided media; the first one is twisted pair, another one is coaxial cable and finally, there is fiber optic cable.

    So, both the coaxial and optical cables are guided media. However, there are many differences between these two most popular cables. If you want to know the main difference, then we can say that the coaxial cable transmits electronic signals whereas the optical fiber transmits an optical signal.

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  3. How to Choose the Right HDMI Cable

    How to Choose the Right HDMI Cable

    Nowadays, almost every high-resolution component like Blu-Ray players, gaming console, media streams, and the set-top box comes with an HDMI interface. To enjoy the best quality audio and video output on the TV, there is no better option available. However, some high-end devices come with only one way that is HD supported connection. In some Blu-ray players, you may not find any other option apart from the HDMI port.If you are wondering why the HDMI cable has become so important to the entertainment equipment, then you must know this.

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